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Kailin Tyree
15 December
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I am the beloved brother of the charming Adira Tyree (adira_tyree). Since I was a child I have been training for the Centauri Military. Recently took command of the Centauri recon ship "The Silence" under the orders of Grand Fleet Admiral Dromo of the Royal Navy. It seems Ambassador Mollari must have put a "good word" in for me at some point.

Kailin has a young daughter, equivalent in age to a three year old human. Cellena has begun to show the signs of being a telepath though her abilities are limited to empathy and thoughts that a person is dwelling on for long periods. Her skills are also limited by her understanding due to her age. Cellena's mother was poisoned and died over a year ago. Adira has taken up the task of caring for her when she is not among other members of the family or family friends.

Kailin has returned to Early Third Season Time frame. After a severe leg injury in the bombing runs on Narn when his fighter was shot in a atmospheric manuever Kailin began to question his place in the military. He was given leave to recover. During his recovery Kailin began to believe he was on the wrong side of the war. That something was coming and he needed to be somewhere else. Upon returning to his post he resigned heading for the Minbari homeworld in hopes of joining the Rangers.

Kailin is now under the tutelage of Alun, a Minbari ranger from the Warrior Caste, in the city of Tuzanor on Minbar. He is well on his way to becoming the first Centauri Ranger and is already the first Centauri to be allowed to train for such a post. Kailin has been given Whitestar-15, aptly named "The Rogue" as it is the only Whitestar with Centauri/Minbari crew.

After the death of his sister, adira_tyree Kailin joins the Rangers both to find purpose and to remove himself from home and the pain from the lose of Adira. Kailin becomes the student of a Minbari warrior, Alun and his Centauri training is fine tunned to accomadate the Ranger's strategies. As his Ranger training nears it's end Kailin find himself torn between duty and the rescue of Adira's friend _mariel. Kailin abandon's duty to save her from execution on Centauri Prime for high treason.

Thanks to his mentor Kailin is allowed to return to his training on Minbar. Having left the Centauri fleet (Though he kept his fighter "The Silence") Kailin now commands WhiteStar-15 aptly dubbed "The Rogue" as it is the only WhiteStar at this time commanded by a Centauri.

Side Note Kailin currently is mostly in mid to late 5th season

Mun Note: Kailin in an OC for the Babylon 5 Fandom. Kailin is no longer part of theatrical_muse but is still around.. millitary duty you know.. it consumes one's life.

For the moment he is in no particular time frame but that may change.
Side note: Disclaimers and Such Babylon 5 and its characters are the property of J. Michael Straczynski and Warner Brothers Television. No copyright infringement is intended.

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